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Personal Projects

Find your architectural style with our personalised design process

Your ambition to create your dream home can mean so many things… the space you need, the feeling you want, the look you craft, the lifestyle you lead. We are here to help you interpret these elements into a design that is completely you.

Whether you are starting from the ground, extending or undertaking a renovation project, the design and build process can be intimidating. With our architectural expertise, we can demystify each stage so that you can enjoy the detail and creativity of shaping your perfect space.

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Brief Development

How do I begin to plan for my house design?

At this first crucial stage we will take time to listen to your aspirations. We will help you to think through the opportunities and constraints of your property or site and together define the scope of your home improvement project.

Feasibility & Concept Design

I have some design ideas, but how do I know if they are possible?

Starting with paper and pencil we will sketch out your ideas, exploring basic concepts that draw on your suggestions and help you to visualise the space we could create together. We will also consider other factors such as the physical context, history, local planning policies and budget, feeding this information into several design strategies for you to consider.

Design Development

I am ready to move forward with my architecture project, what happens next?

We will develop the concept you have agreed on into a full scheme design. During this phase, you can expect to see the details of your project coming to life, with room layouts, materials and aesthetic features all developed. Virtual and Augmented Reality models and computer-generated images allow us to bring your project to life and help you to understand the look and feel of your new space.

How do I go about getting planning permission?

At this stage, we will also prepare and submit all documentation needed for your planning application, including a detailed pack of planning drawings and a design access statement which will describe the context of your design. We will manage the planning process which can be complex and sometimes political. Our experience, expertise and strong local relationships enable us to guide you through.

Technical Development

Once I have obtained planning permission, what should happen next?

After receiving planning permission, we will produce full working technical drawings, including elevations, cross sections, construction details and material information. We will submit this as a Building Regulations application which will allow you to move forward with the build stage of your design. A Building Inspector will continue to visit your site at various stages now until completion.

We will continue to develop all technical drawings and documents needed and with your input we will create specifications and schedules which will be used for tender and construction.


How do I get my new house design built?

We will continue to act as your agent and advise you through the process of selecting a builder. This is achieved through the tender process using the technical drawings and specifications that we provide. We can recommend builders that we trust and that we think have the right skills and experience for your project.

We also undertake contract administration which means that throughout your build we will monitor progress through regular site visits. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to communicate with you and the builder regularly and answer any questions along the journey.

When do I choose the fixtures and fittings?

We understand the importance of detail in realising your vision. With a rich bank of suppliers and manufacturers to inspire you, we can help you to choose the finishing touches that make your home; from bathroom taps, to kitchen worktops and floor finishes.


PiP have completed over 250 projects for private clients. Your project will be unique and celebrate the individuality of your vision. As we hand over at this final stage, your project becomes your home.

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