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Self Build

We understand that designing your own home can be challenging. That is why we provide a self-build service for those clients that are keen on being heavily involved in the process. We tailor our service to your design requirements to suit your lifestyle, as well as your budget. This gives you the opportunity to set the criteria for your dream home. We provide support that ensures all decisions are made at key points throughout the self-build journey.

Self-Build Outline Planning Permission Plot Massing Examples

The Self Build Process

We are known for our attention to detail in guiding our clients with self-build projects. We understand that the self-build process can be difficult for first timers, so we provide guidance through each stage from planning to producing technical drawings as well as engagement with sub-contractors. Typically, it can take around two years to build your home, from finding a plot to moving in, but this depends largely on the complexity of your project. Below is a list of the processes which we can be involved in as the designer of your self build project


Arranging Finances


Valuation and Survey of Land


Purchasing Land


Project Management


Design and Construction


Planning Permission


Hiring Builders and Contractors


Structural Warranties



Birds Eye View of Self-Build Scheme at The Whyches Little Thetford Outline Planning Permission
Custom Self-Build Development Scheme Little Thetford
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