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We place great importance on creating varied means in which we can share our design ideas with you. We produce diagrams, models and drawings to analyse and represent massing and spatial organisation and potential strategies. To allow us to convey the essence of an idea, we encourage each member of the team to produce freehand sketches as these are central to the successful communication of design proposals. These include freehand, line-drawn perspective views and fully rendered visualisations.

axo for all 3 buildings (SHOWING ROOF TERRACE FOR BUILDING 03) - Rev02_edited.jpg


We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create information-rich models which have benefitted the efficiency of our workflow, improving our ability to access environmental issues and increase the communication of designs through translation into real-time interactive 3D models.


We design using computer -generated models which allows us to produce rendered images. We offer exterior and interior 3D renderings that allow you to visualise the development in its surrounding, see the different materials, textures and lighting used and understand how it will integrate with the community.

Virtual Reality

Technology advancement has enabled us to research and utilize Virtual and Augmented Reality as a new service  to improve how we express our design intentions to you.  This allows us to add a new perspective on design engagement. You can experience a 3D environment bringing to life the 2D drawings for a greater understanding of scale, depth and spatial awareness.

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