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Our Philosophy

We create beautiful, functional spaces that connect to the setting around you. Through close client relationships, we take time to understand your vision and transform it into bespoke architectural design.

PiP : Perpetua in Perpetuum

LATIN: Forever Lasting

The PiP Principals

We prioritise the buildability of our designs, creating desirable spaces which incorporate simple and efficient construction methods. Our projects look more interesting than they are to build and so ensure that the process to completion is straightforward, time-efficient and economical in materials and cost.

Materiality is an essential element of our practice. The choices and combinations of materials that we select add texture and depth to a building’s form. We believe it is this that draws people into a building, engaging the senses and setting the desired tone.

We design with integrity. The buildings we create are rooted within their surroundings and sympathetic to the history, context and aesthetic of the setting. We embrace the natural environment and historic context resulting in buildings that celebrate authenticity.

Sustainability is intrinsic to all elements of our designs. We create healthy living environments which minimise negative environmental impact and reduce energy consumption. We maintain this principle both during the construction process and in planning for the ongoing life cycle of the building.

We ensure the longevity of the buildings we create. With high quality and durable material choices and flexible design elements that account for changing needs, we deliver structures that will last for generations. Our designs keep a timeless simplicity at their core.

“Architecture is an important part of daily experience. At PiP Architects we take great care to design beautiful spaces that create your sense of place”.

Chris Senior, Director

1:50 Section Hand drawing of Full Refurbishment and Extension to Victorian Property on Willis Road Cambridge
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