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Plot 8 Little Thetford


The Wyches, Little Thetford

Site Area: 

0.044 Ha

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Sustainability, Passivhaus, Self Build

Project Information:

Located on the Little Thetford Self Build site, the clients of Plot 8 wanted a bespoke house that reached Passivhaus standards. An overall minimalist aesthetic is proposed, with a light vertical timber cladding proposed for the entirety of the building, providing soft natural tactility. Playing into the rational geometric approach, dark framed windows are proposed of which will be partially hidden where they meet the cladding to create a seamless look.

Sun orientation and climate has been considered throughout the designing process. Morning and evening sunlight have been considered in the arrangement of windows in the internal space. Limited windows on the South face prevent overheating from solar gain. The strategies adopted include the provision of solar panels and window positioning in strategic places.

Thermal mass has been utilised within the design as the dwelling’s window positioning to the East will enable solar gains to be retained within the structure throughout the day and released into the internal spaces as temperatures drop overnight, softening the inertia in internal temperature fluctuations. Combined with an exceptional thermal envelope, the home will be extremely energy efficient and remain a futureproof home for decades to come.

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