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Multiple Self-Builds


The Wyches, Little Thetford

Site Area: 

0.64 Hectares

Project Stage:

Under Construction


Personal Projects


Architecture, Masterplanning, Planning

Project Information:

Each plot has a unique building zone which varies according to plot size, orientation and existing site constraints. This fixed zone will ensure each dwelling respects its neighbouring context, including neighbouring plots and vegetation. Further plot rules include build height, principle frontages, boundary distances and suggested parking areas.
Principle frontage lines orientate each dwelling to the main avenue and help create a rational street scene. Frontages need not be abutting this line.
Each plot should have a minimum of 2 parking spaces. Should these be included within the building zone, such as within a garage or carport, this will count towards the total buildable footprint. This is to ensure the street scape does not become overcrowded and negatively impact the overall site aesthetic. The installation of electric car charging points is encouraged.
The access point to most plots is unfixed (site constraints result in a fixed access point to plots 1 & 7), however, one new tree should be planted within the front garden of each plot, with a root protection area implemented to protect the main avenue.
Wall mounted metres should not be placed along principle frontages. Solar arrays should be placed on south facing roofs to optimum angles to maximum performance. Satellite dishes should be positioned to the rear of the dwelling and not along principle frontages.

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