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Y - House


Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire

Site Area: 

1.7 Ha

Project Stage:

Under Construction


Personal Projects


Architecture, Sustainability, Visualisations

Project Information:

The Great Eversden residence is situated inconspicuously along the High Street in the Great Eversden neighbourhood. Its facade gives little indication of the complexity behind the provision of the high quality, low maintenance, natural materials that will take on their own patina over time. By utilizing materials such as Petersen handmade bricks laid on a white lime mortar, Corten cladding and louvres, zinc standing seam roof, rough cast concrete detailing, the choice of materials largely reflects the agricultural setting of the site and helps to bed the building into its landscape.

Inside, the building takes advantage of the site’s location and views, with large windows on the east and south elevations for solar gains and to create the illusion of a much larger house. Views are framed and illuminate specific spaces at certain times of the day and year. The massing of the building has been formed into two wings with a southerly aspect. This gives us the opportunity to create a more sheltered courtyard area ‘protected’ from the main road by the building’s separate wings.

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