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Trumpington Road


Trumpington Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

831 sqm

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Visualisations

Project Information:

Located on Trumpington Road and south of the dwelling at No.2 Barrow Road, PiP were appointed to design a 5-bedroom dwelling that takes full account of its site context by following a well‐established pattern of development in the rear gardens in the immediate area.

The ground floor incorporates an open plan contemporary kitchen, dining and sitting area, considered the heart of the home, providing a southerly aspect and physical connection to the rear garden, as well as reception room. All bedroom accommodation is arranged on a single floor.

The front edge of the extension is pulled back from Trumpington Road to make it subservient to the rest of the design when viewed from the public highway. The new extension is designed to be an integrated part of the scheme by mirroring the monopitched forms of the existing design and continuing the same materials palette, using a brown zinc installed with standing seams at 45 degrees. By utilising a gap in the tree line arising from the removal of a poor-quality tree, the dwelling is set behind a well- established belt of protected trees, in common with other developments in the vicinity. This allows the scheme to be visually attractive as a result of good architecture and appropriate landscaping that is successful in integrating into the area.

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