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The 'Floating' House


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Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Visualisations, Engineering

Project Information:

The 'Floating' House is a 5 bed rural dwelling of outstanding architectural design and ecological enhancement.

Inspiration for the Architectural Language is drawn from the local vernacular and floating roofs to create an expressive form that sits delicately on the sloping site. After a careful study of concepts and potential structural solution's the stilted structure was selected as the best approach for this site. This delicate structure will help to minimize disruption to the existing ecology whilst allowing the house to float effortlessly above the topography.

The house is formed of two intersecting linear volumes —The first volume is fully glazed to allow views through it as you approach the entrance as well as providing 360 degree views from the inside to the surrounding landscape and countryside beyond; the other volume—a solid ‘box’ housing the bedrooms will be clad in timber so that it can be completely closed to form a crisp finely detailed box.

A continuous terrace stretches around the two volumes to form an outdoor covered space overlooking the adjacent Brook and surrounding landscape. This elevated amenity space will act as a viewing platform for the dwellers that further connects them into their surroundings whilst not disturbing the precious fauna and flora of the site.

The floating roof is a key design feature of this house, whereby a lightweight corrugated metal roof is propped up by a delicate lattice of steel sections to form a floating roof canopy above the two intersecting volumes. This roof helps with solar control and directing rainwater away from the perimeter terrace - extending over the window planes enough to prevent detrimental summer sun from overheating the house whilst simultaneously allowing warming winter sun to reach the thermal mass of the concrete floor.

Great consideration has been given to the scale, massing and materiality of the proposed dwelling to ensure it is sympathetic to that of the conservation area and consistent with that of agri-vernacular architecture! Close collaboration with the relevant consultants has been crucial in making sure that the proposal respects and enhances the existing environment, fauna and flora. Moreover, the vastly improved soft landscaped areas will provide a considerable net gain in biodiversity, protecting the current habitat and further promoting local wildlife growth and prosperity in the long term.

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