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Thatch House


Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire

Site Area: 

1,970 sqm

Project Stage:

Under Construction


Personal Projects


Architecture, Sustainability, Visualisations

Project Information:

Thatch House is a new family house set within the countryside outside of the village of Great Gransden . Sat on a relatively steep site, the architectural expression of the thatch clad house is a contemporary interpretation of countryside living which takes advantage of the topography and south facing views. The house has been designed as a two-storey building sunk into the fall of the site to give the impression of only being single storey at the access point and is less visible over the tall hedge against the road. From the opposite side, the fall of the site allows a two-storey elevation which, coupled with a shallow ‘ shape plan, maximises natural light and heat into the house. The entrance recess gravel/cobble like block paving has been used to compliment the rural/agricultural nature of the context. The intention was to create a building which is sympathetic in form and materials when viewed from the public highway, but incorporates contemporary features on its private, south facing elevations. Design cues of stone, thatch and black weatherboard barns have been taken from materials that dot the surrounding countryside.

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