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Taylor's Lane Swavesey

Site Area: 

0.3 Ha

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Passivhaus, Sustainability, Conservation, Planning

Project Information:

It is thought that during the middle ages a castle was built to guard Swavesey from a causeway across the fens. It has been largely degraded by erosion and quarrying, but still holds insight into the history of the town and its mostly undeveloped nature provides a rural characteristic to the edge of the development. The Castle Earthworks holds the status of a listed scheduled monument.

Currently situated within the boundary are two utilitarian agricultural stores made from concrete block and steel and a weatherboard barn, which have an adverse effect on one of the open vistas towards the earthworks.

Being the last buildings seen when heading out of the village, the site provides an opportunity to present a dwelling that provides a memorable lasting impact. Therefore, when designing, it was important that the proposal was considerate of its context, whilst providing much needed energy efficient homes to Cambridgeshire.

The proposal is a contemporary design drawing upon its agricultural context and the characteristically low pitched roof of the existing building; but instead of blockwork and mismatched corrugated metal, the dwellings’ material palette consists of a crisp modern standing seam zinc in grey quartz and pre-weathered grey timber cladding. This refined colour scheme enables the building to sit quietly in its context whilst still making a statement. The low pitched roof reduces any overshadowing or perceived overlooking to the neighbour, and retains the continuous view of the treetops in the field to the rear.

The buildings will be designed to a high environmental standard, exceeding the U-Value requirements in the new approved documents whilst provision of electric charging points and cycle parking will enable a sustainable lifestyle appropriate to meet the demands of a changing climate.

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