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Storeys Way


Storeys Way, Cambridge

Site Area: 

2,308 sqm

Project Stage:

Concept Development


Personal Projects


Architecture, Conservation, Visualisations

Project Information:

Storey’s Way lies about a mile to the north west of Cambridge city centre in a semi-rural setting on the urban edge. The special character of Storey’s Way is derived from the fine detached family houses with their spacious gardens and mature planting, which are interspersed with parts of the collegiate grounds of Fitzwilliam and Churchill Colleges.

Inspiration of key characteristics were drawn from the surroundings both in terms of the physical elements such as the footprint, scale and materials. A contemporary interpretation of some of the principles underlying the Arts and Crafts movement were used to design high quality, fit-for-purpose houses. Hand-finished bricks were used to reflect the evolution of brickmaking whilst the patinated zinc is a clearly contemporary material.

Whilst the internal layout is tailored to both our client’s needs and modern standards of living, we ensured the external fabric, proportions and massing reflect the Arts & Crafts vernacular that we are all familiar with today. A further key principle was the thoughtful design of buildings inside and out. The scheme was developed with equal attention to the exterior and interior of the building with spacious living accommodation tailored to the family’s requirements internally whilst externally the buildings have been designed to relate to its surroundings.

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