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Spens Avenue


Spens Avenue

Site Area: 

0.185 Hectares

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Planning, Masterplanning

Project Information:

The dwellings have been conceived as simple stepped volumes set back on the site to correspond with the established building line, with single storey elements containing garaging and bike storage set forward in a similar manner to the houses to the west. The density, layout, and general pattern of development is intended to reflect that of the area. However, rather than replicate the nearby 1960’s housing it was felt that this location, situated on the margins of the estate and already subject to later developments, provided an opportunity for a more contemporary scheme which would provide a positive and distinctive presence to the streetscape, and ultimately mediate between future college development to the east.

The same house type is proposed for all four units to give a consistent character within the proposal site, and reflects the repetition of typologies found elsewhere on the estate. The main volume of the units is partly three storeys, dropping to two storeys for half its width. The part third storey element responds to the scale of the flats opposite and provides the development with a broken roofline, which is intended to create visual interest at this level and to give the plots a greater visual separation. Care has been taken in the design to ensure that there is no overlooking or overshadowing of adjacent properties.

The proposed materials for the main house are a weathered buff brick, pre-patinated bronze colour zinc for the roof, and dark colour powder coated composite windows. The garage block is to be constructed in linear blue engineering bricks to provide a dark backdrop for the proposed silver birch trees on the frontage. The proposed palette of materials is intended to reflect that of the locale.


2014 LABC East Anglia Excellence Awards - Best Small New Housing Development – Winner
2012 LABC East Anglia Excellence Awards - Best Small New Housing Development - Winner

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