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Rostas House


Latham Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

Project Stage:



Private Client


Conservation, Sustainability

Project Information:

Rostas House is a renovation project that included a revamp of the existing carport, reintegration of the dwelling's annex and erection of a new 1 storey extension. A key feature of this large 4 bed house is its central courtyard garden that permeates the building form and connects the four wings of the house together. This courtyard is adjoined by a striking glass passage that further connects the inside and the outside spaces, creating an engaging and dynamic route through the house.

The character, scale, and massing of the extension, including roof sloping, reflect the existing dwelling and are further considered appropriately suited in scale and character to the Latham Road neighborhood.

Full glazing on the west side of the linking extension will provide sufficient lighting and is of a more contemporary nature which aligns with the proposed use of a zinc clad roof. The dwelling reflects high standards of detailing and good quality materials in order to provide a positive built-form on this section of Latham Road.

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