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Romsey Labour Club


junction between Mill Road/ Coleridge Road

Site Area: 

1,237 sqm

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Conservation, Building of Local Interest

Project Information:

Romsey Labour Club Mill Road is a historic route from Cambridge City Centre, named so as it once led out to a windmill located near the present site of Mill Street. Part of the brief was to deliver a building with recognisable architectural character that delivers a strong visual message and helps to reinforce the local and varied identity of Mill Road.

Romsey Labour Club carefully selected a limited material palette of a mixture of modern and traditional materials in a contemporary manner, whilst utilising recognisable language, articulation and proportions. Pre-patinated standing seam cladding above the BLI draws a contrast with the historic plinth adding interest and providing additional articulation.

Sustainability was key to the design of Romsey Labour. The green roof to the eastern block was designed to provide a unique wildlife opportunity within an urban setting whilst aiding to the sustainable drainage of the project by reducing the surface water runoff along with reducing energy costs by acting as an additional insulative layer. The project incorporates energy efficiency measures in the building services systems to reduce the carbon footprint of the site using highly efficient heat generation plant, heat recovery systems and energy efficient, highly controllable lighting.

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