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Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge

Site Area: 

529 sqm

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Passivhaus, Sustainable Architecture

Project Information:

The clients wanted a Passivhaus home, that didn’t look like a typical Passivhaus. Working with the clients unique taste, we have proposed a modern dwelling which draws inspiration from elements of Victorian architecture and is designed to meet stringent Passivhaus standards.

Large overhangs and brise soleils offer solar shading, whilst the light brick colour will reflect solar radiation rather than absorb it, a technique often seen in hotter European countries to keep buildings cooler.

Features such as protruding bay windows typically seen in Victorian houses have a poor form factor, creating more geometric thermal bridging and trickier junction details to make airtight. By using the stone slip cladding to create a rectangular bay on the front elevation, we have eluded to architectural features of the era whilst eliminating the geometric thermal bridges and retaining a more energy efficient form factor. The stone detailing is also used as coursing which wraps around the building, creating a continuous line around the brise soleils, wrapping the different building elements together.

The result is a distinctive dwelling which sets the standard for Passivhaus design, combining energy efficiency with playful architecture.

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