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Newmarket Road


Newmarket Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

9,398 sqm

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Conservation, Masterplanning, Visualisations

Project Information:

PiP were commissioned to design a proposal that seeks to partially remodel the industrial site by proposing residential units with associated landscaping and parking arrangements. The scheme draws upon the existing site context to present a design that enhances the house as well as the street and conservation area setting.

The design consists of a 9-unit scheme with 8 units in a Flat Block A and 1 maisonette unit facing Newmarket Road. The maisonette will be 2.5 storey and in keeping with the surrounding architecture. 9 parking spaces face the northern part of the site with accessibility into the site by bike and on foot via a separate access route along the western side of the boundary.

Materiality of the scheme incorporates stone details of the existing buildings with complimentary brickwork creating textural building facades. The materials will also take a que from the local context with both buff and red brick evident in the buildings surrounding the site.

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