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Lilac Court


Lilac Court, Cambridge

Site Area: 

1,917 sqm

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Masterplanning, Visualisations

Project Information:

Located to the south of Chery Hinton Road, Lilac Court provides 8 new 2 and 3 bed dwellings following the demolition of the existing lock-up garages. Its facade gives little indication of the complexity behind the provision of the 2 storey dwellings with a stepped frontage to create visual breaks in an otherwise linear form of development. By drawing inspiration from key characteristics of the surrounding context, the scale and form complements the local identity of the area whilst incorporating principles of movement, land use, density and open space.

The material palette of buff bricks, with protruding brickwork above and simple proportioned windows, combined with a contemporary building form allows the design to draw together the surrounding vernacular whilst providing a high-quality design. Most materials used for construction will have a low to moderate embodied energy, avoiding high embodied energy materials such as plastic and steel where possible.

Inside, the building is designed at first floor level with large bay windows to the main bedrooms that incorporates louvres to prevent overlooking into neighbouring properties and protect amenity, whilst also maximising natural light and ventilation. Design with open plan kitchen-dining-living areas, this creates an open, light and spacious accommodation that maximises natural daylight. All habitable rooms and circulation areas, including stairwells and parking area are naturally lit to conserve energy. The dwellings are future ready, in moving away from natural gas/fossil fuels and towards more passive technologies.

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