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Fen Ditton Pavilion


Fen Ditton Community, Cambridge

Site Area: 

242.5 sqm

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Sustainability, Planning, Visualisations

Project Information:

In the 80s, a sports pavilion was built in the heart of the Fen Ditton community, Cambridge. Nonetheless, over the last years, the current pavilion no longer meets the required adequate standard, therefore, nor the needs of the community. The clearest example is the congestion in the village and roads nearby during sports fixtures.

Taking into consideration the four key principles such as natural daylight, solar orientation, usability and space efficiency. PiP aimed to design a new sports pavilion, which can stylistically sit quietly within its rural context but can also meet the new adequate standard for the community of Fen Ditton. The design process started with a strategic change of location, now located further away from the entrance, allowing an off-road 14 car parking and ten bike stands.

This more versatile contemporary agricultural style pavilion possesses a unique double-pitch roofed profile that has been designed to reach a traditional and contemporary look. Besides, internally, it creates a feeling of unity collectiveness and awe due to the presence of roof lights. In terms of sustainability, the pitch design allows solar panels and the overhanging wings to act as solar shading, preventing excessive heat in summer.

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