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Child Day Care Nursery



Site Area: 

3,948 sqm

Project Stage:

Under Construction


College & Conservation


Architecture, Sustainability, Visualisations

Project Information:

Located along Rampton Road, the Child Day Care Nursey fronts a series of residential houses ranging from 2 to 3 storeys, is a single storey t-shaped building with both shallow pitched and flat roof reflecting the scale of the existing bungalow. Its facade gives little indication of the complexity behind the provision of the high quality, low maintenance, natural materials that will take on their own patina over time.

Careful consideration has been given to the existing trees on the site. The proposal retains many trees, replacing the loss of some with additional planting. The nursery has been designed to nestle within the trees on site, hence the building shape which has is positioned in order to minimise impact on the surrounding trees. The use of timber cladding will allow the building to blend in with it’s wooded surrounding.

All trees proposed for removal will be kept on site at utilised in some form by the nursery which will be a ‘Forest School’. Following the ethos of the nursery, the landscaping is intended to be informal, play areas for nursery will utilise existing landscape features including the areas of woodland more open lawn areas.

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