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Barton Road


Barton Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Visualisation, Sustainability

Project Information:

The proposal is a five bed 1.5 storey dwelling made up of two intersecting volumes.

The first is a 1 storey volume featuring a green roof and Peterson Tegl Kolumba brick walling that rotates its coursing 90 degrees around the front facing windows to create a dynamic and intriguing facade. Four contemporary windows protrude out from this wall connecting the residents with their front garden.

The second is a crisp 1.5 storey gable-ended volume clad in dark grey zinc that’s runs from roof to wall as well as black timber cladding to provide a elegant tactility. Dormer windows help to maximise headroom in the upper level and allow for desirable views into the garden and surrounding countryside.

A key aim for us was to create a dynamic and fluid connection between the house and garden. The buildings’ L-shape plan opens up more opportunities for framing views into garden areas. Floor to ceiling glazing elements in the rear immerse the residents in their garden and allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior. This glazing on the south elevation could also be harnessed for passive solar gain and thus improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

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