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Abbey Gardens


Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Site Area: 

0.21 hectares

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Conservation

Project Information:

The site, now consisting of sixteen large family homes was consented by the local authority in phases and comprises of eleven former gardens belonging to the Victorian terrace houses along Ditton Walk. Two houses were demolished and replaced to allow for a new adoptable road to enter the site. The houses were constructed to a high standard and all were sold off plan before the development had been completed.

The internal layouts of the houses were designed to ensure the principal rooms are Southeast facing. Living spaces are largely open plan which allows the future occupiers maximum flexibility of layout using modern design strategies. Circulation space within the building allows tenants to move freely about the building without the sense of enclosure. The semi-detached units to the rear living space are placed on the ground floor to reduce any possible overlooking issue. The units fronting Ditton Walk have kept to the existing ridge heights and general dimensions to complete the street scene.

Sustainability was key in this project. The building envelope is closed and generously insulated to obtain minimum heat loss and high acoustic insulation between flats. The elevations to the housing are of a crisp/simple traditional appearance, using facing brickwork, slate roofs, timber windows & doors. Low energy lighting has been provided as well as gas condensing boilers (85% efficiency) to cut down on energy usage.

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