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73 Histon Road


Histon Road

Site Area: 

0.0099 Hectares

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Planning

Project Information:

The project consist of the erection of a detached two bedroom dwelling fronting North Street following the demolition of the existing single storey garage. It seeks to focus on the key design considerations that we have taken into account in arriving at a definitive proposal for the site.
The application site (0.0099 Ha) is situated in a predominantly residential area on the north-central side of the City, on North Street. The site currently comprises the off-street parking, detached garage and rear garden of No.73 Histon Road. The plot measures 26.1 metres long and 4.0 metres in width narrowing to 3.8m to the rear. The site is flanked by the rear garden and garage of No. 73 to the southern boundary and the garage and rear garden of No. 75 to the north.

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