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368-370 Milton Road


Milton Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

0.038 Hectares

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Planning

Project Information:

The proposed two dwellings have been carefully and sensitively designed to respond and add to the local residential character. The proposal is for two appropriate 1.5 storey 3 bedroom dwellings fronting the City Council owned road off Kendal Way. This has an L-shaped footprint, with a rectangular first floor area and a projecting gable fronting the street. Particular attention has been given to any overlooking issues in relation to adjacent properties.

At ground level the entrance door is set back 6m from the private link with a private 2.5 x 5.0m parking area integrated into the front. A glazed entrance door leads to an open plan kitchen/living/dining area which extends out to the rear garden.

The first floor gable projects in line with the ground floor and parking area to form a covered porch over the main entrance. The accommodation at first floor comprises three bedrooms, a main bathroom and an en-suite. The new dwelling has a maximum height of 5,475m with single storey lean-too elements along each boundary to reduce it’s massing on neighbours. The scheme also takes into consideration the scale and massing of the approved planning applications and recently constructed dwellings along Milton road.

The contemporary design seeks to cater for modern living whilst being sympathetic to the existing context. The proposal and its surrounding context will go some way to redefine and enhance the street frontage on this part of Kendal Way.

In terms of construction we are proposing high quality materials selected to allow for a contemporary and modern look and feel to the dwellings. The principal ground floor will be constructed in Buff Brick , drawing inspiration from the surrounding buildings located in Milton Road. At first floor level, the principal elevation will be clad with modern performance timber boarding.

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