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Times House


Fen End

Site Area: 

745 sqm

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Renovation, Conservation

Project Information:

The proposal consist of the retention, renovation and conversion of the existing disused School House into 6No 1 & 2Bed. Flats for private resale or rent.
The existing building dates from the 19th century and has remained in excellent condition followings extensive renovation works in the 1980’s.
We are proposing to leave the front elevation untouched, retaining the large double height single glazed windows and facing internal brickwork. This is to be done by designing a double height space running the full width behind the windows, lighting each of the flats and providing access to the first floors via spiral staircases.
We also thought it was important to retain the existing entrance on the front elevation without any additional openings. Therefore we have located the remaining front doors in areas that would not impact the street scene and help retain the original character.
We are also proposing the retention of the existing Parquet floor on the ground floor flats by running any additional drainage within boxing along the party walls.

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