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Rippington Manor


Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire

Site Area: 

4,216 sqm

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Conservation, Listed Building

Project Information:

Rippington Residence is situated within the curtilage of a Grade 2* Listed Building Rippington Manor within the village boundary of Great Gransden. The new private dwelling has been carefully sited amid the natural rugged setting, ensuring a logical place for the entrance through the reuse of the existing entrance door and prioritising the agricultural vernacular views surrounding the site.

The journey through the house blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. The house features a natural courtyard to the north of the building providing a generous outdoor shaded area as seen often in farm settings. A glazed link separates the existing barn with the new contemporary extension, providing an unobstructed flow of space between the interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by the dwelling’s immediate surroundings, the natural material palette is designed in conjunction with traditional agricultural vernacular . This consists of wood and steel features ranging from oak boarding, exposed steel frames and corrugated steel roofs.

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