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Meldreth High Street


High Street, Meldreth

Site Area: 

11,825 sqm

Project Stage:

Under construction


Professional Developers


Architecture, S106 negotiations, Planning

Project Information:

The scheme will provide 18No. two storey dwellings, with 40% of dwellings being allocated as affordable. By allowing a mixed tenure use from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings, it will provided a range of open market and affordable housing.

Our proposal has drawn inspiration from key characteristics of the surrounding buildings along High Street to help create a distinctive and high quality area with a wide choice and mix of housing to meet the needs of different age groups within the area.

We have designed the proposal so that the scale and form is appropriate to the existing buildings which will complement the local identity of the area. By providing a comprehensive design approach, we have created an attractive and appropriately-scaled dwellings whilst incorporating principles of movement, land use, density and open space. This allows the new building not to impose on the architectural tastes or styles of the area but instead, be a high quality building design which is linked to context, in terms of appropriateness.

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