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Lower Farm Mews



Site Area: 

Project Stage:



Professional Developer


Architectural, Planning, Conservation

Project Information:

Located in Tittleshall, Lower Farm Mews is situated on the site of the former Courtenay House Care home, disused since 2017. The existing building is a large, predominantly single storey complex, with accented second floors. The building resembles farmstead construction, accentuated through its entrance gateway, formed through the existing catslide roofed bungalow and the original two storey farmhouse.

The proposed design retains much of the existing buildings to reduce the buildings carbon emissions through minimal demolition. The existing central courtyard is converted into a welcoming green entrance to the new homes, that not only enhances the site's biodiversity but also encourages interaction between neighbours and helps establish a better sense of community for this exciting new development.

The quality of the internal spaces has been considerably improved, with new pantile roofing and rooflights that increase head heights, natural lighting and ventilation in the homes. Additionally, through high quality architectural detailing such as flint and timber walling, the historic architecture of Tittleshall is embraced.

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