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Hills Road


Hills Road, Cambridge

Site Area: 

0.16 Hectares

Project Stage:



Personal Projects


Architecture, Sustainability, Visualisations

Project Information:

Hills Road is one of the principle routes into Cambridge City from the south. Situated on the east side of Hills Road, opposite Addenbrooke’s Hospital, PiP were commissioned to design a contemporary 2 storey dwelling following demolition of the existing house at No.305 Hills Road.

Taking inspiration of a “Modernist” contemporary design style, the project is arranged around modern living requirements. Living accommodation is provided at ground floor level and the bedroom accommodation is provided on the floor above. The new home reflects the current scale with its plot size whilst being comparable to other dwellings along this section of Hills Road and the areas general local pattern of development.

The main volume of the proposal is a brick rectangular form with the first floor stepped back. A projecting canopy wraps around the first-floor element, connecting the principle massing to the garage block to the front. windows on flank elevations are designed to be obstructed to avoid potential overlooking of adjacent properties. Vertical louvres create depth and visual interest, breaking up the linear forms and providing privacy. Both the garage and the principle massing allow for wildflower green roofs, enhancing the biodiversity on site.

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