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45 Highworth Avenue


Highworth Avenue, Cambridge

Site Area: 

1,270 sqm

Project Stage:



Professional Developers


Architecture, Sustainability, Visualisations

Project Information:

PiP were appointed to design a scheme that demolishes the existing buildings on a parcel of land accessed off Highworth Avenue for the construction of four new dwellings. From the outset, our approach to the site has been guided by its context, surroundings and historical analysis.

Inside, the building creates an informal entrance yard which seek to maintain a sense of openness across the site and improve upon the existing character of the area. The proposal extends the historic pattern of development of the area by proposing the construction of new dwellings across an unused expanse of land.

Form, scale and massing reflects the density of the area as closely as possible. By manipulating the form to be low across the boundaries, this allows the buildings to be pulled away from the northern and southern boundaries. The orientation of the site decreases overshadowing of neighbouring gardens. This mixture of linked detached dwellings addresses sensitive relationships by reducing the scale and stepping in from boundaries, using appropriate materials and reducing the number of openings to avoid issues of overlooking.

Materials selected break up the elevation and create architectural interest. The rear elevation (west) has two steps creating a tiered massing which decreases in scale on each floor, creating interest along the elevation. Sustainability has been addressed through using an envelope first strategy, ensuring the thermal envelope of the building surpasses Building Regulation requirements, to provide comfortable environments which require less energy to heat/cool.

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