Office Culture

We have developed a strong, vibrant culture inherent in everything that we do as a practice - from the projects we deliver to the way we interact with each other. Our workplace is connected and communicative, promoting happier employees who have emotional support to grow and improve. Each member of the team is given the opportunity to use their skills and abilities that define them as people, in order to develop their craft further within the practice and the further construction industry.


We value our purpose in creating great places by having a great place to work. Our project numbers are rapidly expanding due to the efficient workflow within the practice, giving each staff member confidence in their future within the business.

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Training and Development

We offer a comprehensive selection of training, learning and development for all its employees ranging from a variety of formal and informal, workshops, design reviews and CPD lunchtime training.


As a commitment to the practice, we provide a wide range of benefits for our staff, such as social events, private pension and insurance benefits.  We are also committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle by offering our employees the Cycle to Work Scheme.

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PiP is committed to ensuring contributions from a diverse range of people both within and outside the practice. We celebrate diversity and inclusion within our workforce with a team that is made up of a 50:50 male to female ratio along with a range of nationalities and cultures.


We are always looking for exceptional people to join our innovative team The culture of the practice is open and dynamic and we welcome the very best talent to join us.